The FLUFFY BROW revolution

In a era of fast fashion and beauty trends, despite one good thing that happened in 2020 was the fluffy brow.

Like it or loath it it’s taken 2020 by storm and is a regular on any Instagram feed!

The fluffy brow made a appearance in the 80’s if you can remember that far back with the likes of Madonna and Julie Roberts. So skip forward a few decades and thrust upon us is brow lamination.

Lamination i hear you scream!

Lamination is a process where there brow hair is chemically straightened, then fixed into place creating a brushed up fluffy brow look. The desired look can be as extreme or as soft as you want it.

I agree it’s, it not for the faint hearted, but this new craze is amazing for sparse brows. Hairs can be manipulated to cover areas that need growth. Brushing up the hairs or making them look fuller will create the appearance of bigger brows.

If this is too much for you to jump straight in with, there are some fantastic products on the market that can recreate a fluffy on trend look.

Here are my faves …

Soap brows from WBCo the essential kit comes with a prep facial mist and nifty little brow brush , great if your first trying the look out, I also like to use the face mist first thing in the morning priced at £30

Eyebrow queens brow fix is a little more of a stronger hold great if you want a more long lasting look, on coarser unruly hair a must for any brow kit £25

Hd brows brow glue does what it says on the tin, brush applicator means you can brush them into desired shape, have to work quick with this product it has minimal drying time £16

Tools of the trade ….

If someone told me 8 years ago I would spend hours scrolling through Instagram looking at images of brows, I probably would of said “get outta here.”

But the truth is 8 years on that’s exactly what I do, it’s like a obsession that’s got out of control.

I have been doing brows along side my full time job and have alway thought of it as a hobby that’s just got bigger and bigger, the brow industry has catapulted into the stratosphere and is now a multi billion pond industry.

It has taken me a while to find products and tools that I love and trust. I first trained with Hd brows many moons ago, but since then I have come to realise a change it always good. I am still very much a loyal Hd brows girl, but there are also some fantastic brow products on the market, that I just had to get me hands on.

The right tools are important not only for my clients, but as a artist you want quality that you can trust. It’s like a carpenter finding the right drills! (I’ve used this as a example I am married to one!)

I first found out about Navy pro tools a year ago, what appealed to me was that they are a British brand. The company are based in Sheffield and all products are made and sourced in the uk . The company ethos is what sold it, proud to be British made and the next generation is high quality beauty tools. It just had to be navy

So what do I use ? The tools I use are made with a titanium coating, which gives the tools a gold colour, these look fab by the way! Not only are they beautiful the high quality give the best precision when creating magnificent brows.

The navy brow tool range

So with these amazing things of beauty comes their hygiene system, soaking them in barbicide just won’t do. Navy pro tools have come up with a 2 step sanitising system step 1 detergent to clean away debris, and step 2 to disinfect, they also come with a drying cloth to ensure your tools don’t rust!

These are a little more pricy compared to other brands, but I personally think you get what you pay for. They also deliver some excellent content throughout their social media platforms, from hygiene and business blogs to live workshops these really are a great follow.

This company has delivered in bringing high quality professional tools to the beauty industry, from nail and lash technicians to brows, you can ensure you will be top of your game with these little beauties.

Laura x

Beauty is back in business …or is it?

The Beauty industry has received  what can only be described as its biggest blow in history! 
4 month closures over all sectors that contributes to a whopping £28.4 billion to the the Uk economy annually.  
With conflicting advice from individual Uk  governments , beauty professionals have been sat on tenterhooks waiting to see if they are finally allowed back to work. 
On the 10th July Mark Drakeford set a guided date for beauty to get back up and running in Wales.

The 27th July beauty professionals can get back to work in all aspects of beauty, providing medical evidence allows us and that all  required PPE and government guidance is adhered to. Unlike our England Counterparts there are  not yet any restrictions to what treatments are provided to the face. Guidance is still to be released. 

Many professionals have lacked clarity throughout this only feeling we have been let down by parliament and their understanding on the industry. A industry that provides large amounts of Revenue to the uk economy,  there has also been a lack of understanding and empathy on how important our treatments are to our clients . 

Just like exercise, beauty and hair appointments for both men and women can impact on mental health, it not only creates a feel good factor in many cases it’s the only personal interaction individuals may have. It also provides as a counselling session , no matter what life is throwing at you ,therapists , hairdressers, barbers, Lash technicians and makeup artists step in as councillors and relationship gurus lending their wisdom .

Although Covid -19 is still in circulation, this new way of working will raise standards amongst professionals and regulate it in a way that hasn’t been seen before. 

The future is uncertain, many questions are being asked will there be another lock down when winter hits? The busiest time for the beauty industry is Christmas party season! with this approaching many salons will be trying to claw back the last few months of being shut. These are all questions that are running through Business owners and freelancers heads.

Unfortunately with a recession inevitable many business won’t get through the rest of year, with reduced clientele, longer appointment times , client turnover has now been reduced by half. 

The important thing in all this, its wonderful how so many business can pull together to support one another.

I have personally been in contact with so many other brow artist Lash techs, make Artists, hairdressers, standing together to get through such a difficult time has been overwhelming.

Hopefully with all this time to reflect, we can come back bigger and better than ever, and our industry will thrive again.

In the grand scheme of things we all had to stay home to be safe, we have had time to be around love ones, take up new hobbies and watch Netflix back to front and front to back, times like these don’t come around too often.
Let’s hope it stays this way


P is for Pencil

imageI find a lot of my clients struggle to find  pencils that are easy to use, and also struggle  finding the right colour. Being a HD brows artist We were taught to use a stroke technique with the original HD pencil. This required sharpening with a scalpel and if you we’re quite heavy handed it had the potential to break quite easily even for a pro!

Hd brows has currently gone through rebranding and also launched make up by HD brows in spring this year. They have reformulated and discontinued a few products but have replaced them with a glossy new look. So now gone are the original black and brown pencils and make way for the ‘brow tec’ and the ‘Brow define’ these are pencils that even the brow novice can use.

I have been using the brow tec and brow define on my clients for the last month and I have to admit I was a bit sceptical at first, I was so used to the original pencils, but they have certainly grown on me. They come  in sleek new packaging so no breaking in your make up bag or tool belt the brow tec is retractable so only using what you need. The brow define has a built in sharpener so no sharpening with a potato knife when your sharpener has gone walking ‘if your anything like me’!

They look great on you can create soft subtle brows, or achieve a more glam look depending on if it’s a quick trip out or for a evening on the town. image

They are stay proof! A  lot of women worry about pencils smudging throughout the day  these stay in place through day to night, and if you feel you need a extra something on top then finish up with HD brows colour fix. This  has  replaced the brow beater and is fantastic for those unruly hairs, that seem to have a mind of their own.  All pencils  and colour fixes come in 3 colours bombshell for blonde tones foxy for medium tones and vamp for dark. The colour tones are a great match and they are not too dark, there was a tendency with the old pencils for them to be hard to work with, you can certainly guarantee with these products gorgeous brows they are going to be.


All products are available at http://www.hdbrows.comimage

The eyebrow revival

What is the art of a good brow? Many of my clients have been a slave to the tweezers and the same old technique used by their waxing therapists and their one shape fits all ways. This is where my job gets tricky!! The explosion of a good brow has been thrust into the limelight in recent years with brow bars popping up in every high-end department store, and shopping centres throughout the UK. This made way to the ancient art of threading not really a new concept but if your not from a multicultural city it lead  to the question “Threading what??” And if you happened to be from a sleepy town in the South Wales valleys the art of threading was totally unheard of. So why the brow revival you may ask? Every decade goes through the brow must have’s the 80’s  bushy and brash the 90’s pencil thin and non existent, and the 00’s the dreadful SCOUSE BROW!! ” STEP AWAY FROM THE PENCIL” .  Continue reading “The eyebrow revival”